Still not ready to sew

I’m quiet jealous of you all, who are already in the middle of sewing up a whole new closet. I knew time is going to be my biggest challenge, but I didn’t know that I’ll be so anxious to start to make something for myself.

Well, at least my new fabrics arrived yesterday. Let me tell you, they did not made me any less anxious:) The double cloth Italian wool from Mood Fabric is out of this world. It is going to be perfect for that well tailored but not to business looking pants suit. I forgot to order the lining:)) I can’t even look at the ivory silk, embroidered polka dot from Marc Jacob, without daydreaming about the perfectly fitting button down blouse. Also got a really nice black denim just in case I talk myself into copying my fav Iron Army jeans. Some really cool sequined fabric arrived too, but I’m not sure about making anything for me. I’m kind of sensitive to anything and everything and sequins are very scratchy. But…maybe… I could just use it as panels on front and back with some silky jersey?

Oh, I don’t like not having 48 hours in one day. I’ll collect some pictures in the meantime for ideas, so when I’m ready, I’m really ready.

Keep up the good work you all, your pictures and comments on facebook are such a motivation to finish up my unfinished businesses and start spoiling myself!


2014 RTW Fast

So excited to start The RTW Fast challenge with Goodbye Valentino’s Sarah Gunn! I will dedicate this year to my closet:) It’s not that I don’t pay attention to it normally, but this year is different. It’s not “out with the old and in with the new” either. More like out with the unused, unfit, unliked pieces and in with the well fitted, classic, timeless garments made by meĀ  from quality fabric.

I have a little store named love your closet. I do custom tailoring, alteration, one of a kind clothing. Mainly for other people:) So, the sewing part is not the challenging part. To find time for myself is a different story. But! I can’t use the term I hate my closet anymore, can I? My only option is to make it better.